Thursday, August 25, 2016

Sofia “Sonya” Kenin Wins a Main-Draw Wild Card

New York resident Aleksandr (“Alex”) Korchmar owns Alkor Capital Corporation, where he oversees finances for real estate development and construction projects. In his spare time, Alex Korchmar enjoys playing and watching tennis.

Following Wimbledon, the United States Tennis Association (USTA) launched its Pro Circuit US Open Wild Card Challenge. Athletes who did not qualify for direct entry into the US Open had the opportunity to earn a main-draw wild card. The tournament utilizes a point system to rank players. Points are earned from USTA Pro Circuit hardcourt events. Two of three tournaments are chosen by the association to determine one male and female winner.

As of August 2016, newcomer Sofia (“Sonya”) Kenin won the women’s main-draw wild card. Ms. Kenin scored 81 points. Her biggest win came from the FSP Gold River Women’s Challenger in California.

Ms. Kenin made her pro circuit debut in 2015 and won her first singles title in January of the following year. Her accomplishments include earning the No. 2 spot on the International Tennis Federation World Junior Rankings and participating in the 2014 Youth Olympic Games.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Chabad of Kingsborough Supports Brooklyn Jewish Camps

Entrepreneur Aleksandr (“Alex”) Korchmar owns and operates Alkor Capital Corporation in Brooklyn. Having established a successful career, Alex Korchmar can contribute to causes that are meaningful to him, including the Chabad of Kingsborough.

The Chabad of Kingsborough hosts Brooklyn Jewish Camps in Manhattan Beach. The camps occur year-round, which allows the organization to share Shabbat and pray with its community consistently. Additionally, camps serve the purpose of enriching the lives of children with teachings of the Jewish language. Lessons are innovative and interactive, two elements that foster engagement among campers. The year-round camps also serve preschool-aged children. Dubbed the Chai Five! Pre-School, the program focuses on traditions and teaches participants about Jewish heritage.

Seasoned counselors with the goal of creating a healthy experience lead the camps. They value child development through education. Many have committed years to the camps, thus making it possible for programs to be executed seamlessly and effectively.

To learn more about the Chabad of Kingsborough’s camps, visit

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Five Tips for Tennis Safety

The owner of Alkor Capital in Brooklyn, New York, Aleksandr “Alex” Korchmar is responsible for handling all budgeting and financial operations for projects ranging from real estate to construction. Alex Korchmar enjoys tennis in his spare time and is a longtime fan of the sport, which he began playing as a child with his father.

Individuals who play tennis must take precautions to stay safe on the court; the following list details a few safety tips.

1. Do a court inspection. Inspect the court you choose to play on before beginning and look for any cracks or chips on the sidewalk that might cause you to stumble or trip. Clear any debris off the court and remember to check the nets for loose strings that someone can trip on. Additionally, consider only playing on dry courts, since wet or damp ones may cause you to slip.

2. Choose the right equipment. Make sure you wear suitable tennis attire and choose a racket of the appropriate weight and size. Wear lightweight clothes to avoid overheating, but avoid baggy clothing that may cause tripping. You will also need shoes designed for playing tennis.

3. Remember to warm up. Warming up before play will help prepare the muscles for activity and help prevent injuries. It will also enhance athletic performance and keep your cardiovascular system healthy. You will benefit more from a dynamic warm-up than a static one.

4. Use proper form. Execute correct form when you play to help prevent injury and reduce the risk of developing injuries caused by overuse. Proper form involves keeping bent knees, not landing on the balls of your feet, and not arching your back while hitting the ball.

5. Rest and hydrate between matches. Remember to drink lots of water and take breaks between matches in order to avoid overexerting the muscles. You can also take this time to clear any sweat off the racket handle to prevent blisters from forming.